Five reasons to settle in Amersfoort

Experience the convenience of Amersfoort’s central location, the talent of its highly qualified workforce, the unique character of the city and its dynamic economic climate.

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1. Central location and transportation hub

Amersfoort is located in the absolute center of the Netherlands. Its situation on the intersection of major highways provides easy access to the Amsterdam region, the international airport and other parts of the Netherlands. Neighboring country Germany is only an hour’s drive away. Amersfoort’s excellent railway connections make it less than an hour away from all major Dutch cities.

Amersfoort distance map

2. Competitive region

Amersfoort is situated in the heart of the Utrecht region. This has been one of Europe’s most competitive places since the European Commission launched its Regional Competitive Index in 2010. In the latest ranking, the Utrecht region is in second place behind London, making it yet again the most competitive region on mainland Europe. The index covers 263 regions throughout Europe. The Utrecht area is especially commended for its infrastructure, education and business climate.

„Amersfoort is your first-choice location.”

Michiel Muller, Co-Founder of Picnic

3. Highly qualified workforce

Forty-four percent of the Amersfoort labor force have academic or higher vocational degrees, providing a motivated and qualified workforce. Amersfoort hosts the renowned SOMT University of Physiotherapy, and four universities from the Shanghai Ranking top 200 are within a 50 km radius. Moreover, the Utrecht region is home to the best non-native English speakers in the world.

„This is a great pool for recruiting new staff.”

Paul van der Meijden, Managing Director at Dutch Sleep Institute

4. Vibrant city

The historical city center is over 750 years old. Keeping this gem intact, several modern business locations are dotted around the center, catering for a wide range of industries, from production to ICT and from healthcare to civil engineering. The city itself offers excellent contemporary services in an attractively historical environment: shopping, lifestyle, entertainment, theaters, museums, bars, restaurants and a lively cultural scene. No wonder independent research shows that Amersfoort is the best Dutch city to live and work in.

5. Center of the network economy

Meet your peers. Over the years, many businesses have recognized the attractiveness of Amersfoort and have settled here. The city is the home of leading national and international headquarters of companies such as Royal HaskoningDHV, Yokogawa, Applied Medical, RoyalFrieslandCampina and Dr. Oetker. The city has a healthy economy, which is expected to grow by 10% in five years. Amersfoort has a vibrant economic climate where networking, collaboration and synergy are creating new opportunities.

Best non-native English speakers of the world

Of all countries in which English is not the official language, the best English is spoken in the Netherlands. The best English is spoken in the province of Utrecht, the region that includes Amersfoort.
Source: EF English Proficiency Index 2017

Most competitive region on the European mainland

The three-yearly Regional Competitive Index of the European Commission shows a region’s potential to offer an attractive and sustainable environment for firms and residents to live and work in. Number 1 is London; number 2 is the Utrecht region.
Source: European Commission Regional Competitiveness Index 2016, full report and individual scorecard

Best city to live and work in

Of all Dutch cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, Amersfoort has had the best mix of amenities, quiet, space, quality of life, surroundings and labor market for three years in a row now (2015, 2016, 2017).
Source: Elsevier Magazine July 2017

Four universities in top 200 Shanghai Ranking

Within a 50 km radius, you will find no fewer than four universities that are ranked in the top 200 of the Shanghai Ranking of universities.
Source: Shanghai Ranking 2017

Economic growth 10%

Leading Dutch Rabobank has calculated the expected economic growth in Amersfoort to be 10% in the 2016-2021 period.
Source: Rabobank, report ‘Bankieren voor Amersfoort Eemland’ 2016