Come and do business in Amersfoort

Amersfoort is the perfect place for international entrepreneurs. Take advantage of our central location and excellent living and working environment. Will you come too and strengthen the city even further?

Why Amersfoort

Entrepreneurs choose Amersfoort. Why? Because of its central location, highly educated population, and sustainable living environment. To work and live in.

Central location
From Amersfoort you can always reach your destination quickly: by highway, train or bicycle.

Healthy Urban Living
Live and work in an environment with special nature and recreational functions.

Educational city
Plenty of talent to choose from: 49% of our young working population is highly educated.

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Central location

Amersfoort is situated at the edge of the Randstad (the Dutch metropolitan area). This means that you can always reach your destination quickly from here: by highway, train or bicycle. So wherever your partners are located, you are always close by!

From the work locations, you can be in the pleasant and historic city center within a few minutes. Take a city walk or discover what Amersfoort has to offer in the field of culture. Afterwards, you can return to our work locations for utmost concentration.

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Healthy Urban Living in Amersfoort

In Amersfoort, we work hard to create a healthy urban life. For example, not only is the city an innovative driver in the field of healthcare, but it also does everything in its power to maintain a healthy, sustainable economy.

If you come to Amersfoort with your company, you will live and work in a pleasant environment with special nature, recreational functions, and a close-knit society.

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Educational city of the future

Our city attracts entrepreneurs, students, and many more talents. Why? The educational institutions work closely with companies, organizations and residents for the best results. Innovative organizations offer great places for new talent. And at least 49% of the labor force is highly educated. A base to build on.

Browse our various work locations


Spatial and industrial work location

A location bursting with space, inspiration, and innovative entrepreneurs.

AB - Locatievorm - Calveen

De Nieuwe Stad

Dynamic and innovative work location

Once home to the Prodent factory, now a lively place where people work and share knowledge together.

AB - Locatievorm - De Nieuwe Stad


Modern and urban work location

A city-center location with direct train connections within walking distance

AB - Locatievorm - Stationsgebied

Ideaal voor: ruimte en verbeelding


Sta oog in oog met Amersfoortse historie

AB - Locatievorm - De Nieuwe Stad

People who shape and color Amersfoort

What I appreciate about Amersfoort is that the municipality and the mayor actively work to bring companies into contact with each other.

Eric RazenbergCEO ThiemeMeulenhoff in Stationsgebied

We look at each product: how can we move towards circularity?

Marinda Roessink - Van RenselaarBusiness Navigator IKEA Group in Vathorst
AB - Ambassadeur - IKEA - Marinda Roessink
AB - Bedrijfslogo - IKEA

Amersfoort is a nice city to do business from. Amersfoort offers us space, a central location, and we have a beautiful building here.

Erwin DreuningCEO Stater in Podium
AB - Logo - Stater

We want to take health in the region to a higher level.

Frank de ReijCEO Meander Medisch Centrum in Isselt
AB - Ambassadeur - Meander Medisch Centrum - Frank de Reij
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Amersfoort: the city for your business

We are the national educational city. We have the best facilities for living and working. And we are committed to growing. Contact us to discover all the possibilities of Amersfoort. Don't want to miss the latest entrepreneurial news from Amersfoort?

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