Settling in Amersfoort? Download the infographic

Amersfoort has a cosy, historical inner city, surrounded by natural areas, and it’s the vibrant heart of the Netherlands. You can live, work, and enjoy yourself here. Inhabitants of Amersfoort appreciate its central location in the Netherlands, its unique and medieval city centre where you can go out and shop enjoyably, the green surroundings, as well as the fact it is a great place to raise your children. Settling in Amersfoort? A great idea.

Center of the Network Economy

Amersfoort lies at the heart of the Netherlands. Also thanks to this central position an active network-economy has developed here. With its unique geographical location, the solid digital and physical infrastructure, access to young and highly-educated talent, and a varied offer in metropolitan facilities, Amersfoort proposes a favourable establishment environment.

Several highways (A1, A12, and A28) unite here. Amersfoort also is an important Dutch railway-hub. Every half-hour trains depart from the inter-city station towards major cities like Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Zwolle, and Groningen, and there is a direct connection to Schiphol Airport.

Head Offices in Amersfoort

Amersfoort is one of the best-performing and most competitive regions in Europe. The province of Utrecht has headed the pack on the European competitive rankings of the European Union for a number of years. It’s a true region of knowledge, which brings about a continuous stream of novel economic activities and initiatives. The driving force behind the regional economy, therefore, is the knowledge-intensive professional services sector, catering to a circle of clients that stretches out all over the world.

The growing and centrally located city entails a varied business-climate that includes many professional services providers, national and international head offices, and a great number of highly-trained freelancers. They bring about a lot of innovation and activity. The interaction between large companies and small and mid-sized businesses renders the Amersfoort enterprise versatile and innovative. Amersfoort is a city with a vision on the future of business, offering a stage for companies such as yours.

Quality of life

Amersfoort is a vibrant, sustainable, innovative and dynamic city. A city where its inhabitants live, realise careers, and recreate with great pleasure. Where business people feel at home and wanted. A city that is interwoven with the region, and where culture, nature, and landscape are a part of the city. Greatly appreciated is the Quality of Life, that is the extent to which entrepreneurs and employees are able to combine their careers with a pleasant living environment. No other city combines so many young families with the concomitant high birth rates, with such a high level of employment. Here one can combine one’s career with the care for one’s family, and with having a private life.