Eye-catching companies choose business hotspot in Amersfoort

With major, eye-catching companies settling their main offices here, there’s a breath of fresh air entering into the Amersfoort Railway Station Area. Last year, Nutreco and Vesting Finance were among the new arrivals. This goes to show that the Railway Station Area has lost nothing of its appeal as a business hotspot. What’s more: expectations are that its appeal is only set to increase in the years to come.

When the economy is booming, as it is at present, growth in Amersfoort tends to exceed the national average. “And this is beginning to show in the Railway Station Area,” says estate agent Jeroen Koevermans, who is involved in commercial property rentals in the Railway Station Area. “With fine transactions taking place and new tenants reporting, things are on the move. This is, of course, a most dynamic area, with fairly new, modern office buildings, often with C energy labels or up. Easily accessible by car, with plenty of parking, and only a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous historical city center. Amersfoort is a node of infrastructure: many trains from the north and the east pass through it. The railway station is just a few minutes’ walk away from all office buildings in the area.”

Koevermans should know. His office has been established in the Railway Station Area for twenty years, at first on Stationsplein 121 and now at Van Asch van Wijckstraat 55, which is on the verge of the Railway Station Area. “Only this morning I happened to arrive at Schiphol Airport. You take a train and it takes you to Amersfoort station in just about forty minutes. Same thing the other way around. If you need to go to Amsterdam, you’ll be there by train in a jiffy.”

Vesting Finance

In the aftermath of the crisis, some office spaces in the Railway Station Area became vacant, but these are now on the radars of companies hunting for corporate top locations that are centrally positioned. This is why Vesting Finance recently opted to settle in the Railway Station Area. The Dutch market leader in the field of financial servicing and credit management is moving in from five regional offices (Almere, Amsterdam, Heerenveen, Hilversum and Utrecht) in the course of 2017-2018. No fewer than 600 staff will be commuting into their centrally located new workplaces in Amersfoort every day.

Leendert Rijnsburger is Vesting Finance’s commercial director. For him, the central location and excellent accessibility are the main reasons for choosing the Railway Station Area in Amersfoort. “The building is only a stone’s throw away from Central Station and surrounded by other representative offices,” he says. “It’s only a short walk away from the Amersfoort city center and it has good access routes for traffic. Amersfoort being a seriously nice place has certainly helped to sway our decision. It’s an attractive proposition from an employer’s point of view. Obviously, it’s also important to our staff that we should settle in a place that’s interesting for them to be in or to relocate to.”

A warm welcome

Amersfoort Business Team

The local government’s Amersfoort Business Team has been most helpful to Vesting Finance in scouting their ideal business location. Rijnsburger: “We drafted an advance program of requirements: it should be accessible by public transport, have good access routes for traffic and sufficient parking spaces, and there were safety and the corporate image to be taken into consideration. A consultancy firm put us in touch with the local authorities in Amersfoort, who came up with suggestions and options right from the word go. It felt like a warm welcome.”