Amersfoort was top of the list for The Dutch Sleep Institute

The Dutch Sleep Institute has found its new home base in Amersfoort. The biggest sleep clinic of the Netherlands has recently established its coordination center on business estate De Hoef, where director Paul van der Meijden and his team have ample scope for expansion.

Portret Paul van der Meijden“We’ve got a lot more space here,” says Van der Meijden in his new office, located right next to Amersfoort Schothorst railway station with lush views of greenery. Their previous accommodation in Alphen aan den Rijn was about 200 square meters in size; this one is 550. “We’re growing rapidly. The number of patients we’re currently diagnosing and treating is about 3,000, but this number may double in two years’ time. We perform our sleep research at all these people’s homes before they go and see a medical specialist, and so we need a stable, first-class back office to arrange all that. Managing nurses, planning consultations on different locations all over the country, answering patients’ questions over the phone or online: it’s all done here in Amersfoort.”

It did not take Van der Meijden long to decide on a new location for his company: Amersfoort was top of his list right away. “Amersfoort is an attractive city in a central location. We soon settled on these offices at De Hoef. We are literally next door to the railway station, and as we are having meetings with doctors and nurses from all over the country, this was a no-brainer. The facilities are excellent. De Hoef is a real office estate, which suits us as the Dutch Sleep Institute, much better than an industrial estate full of haulage companies and car showrooms. De Hoef is a pretty green area, and it’s in the process of being upgraded as well. So things are only getting better.”

Functional blending

Office location De Hoef-West is currently being transformed into a modern, sustainable part of town with a mix of living, business, working and learning facilities. Several empty offices are being converted into apartment buildings. Thanks to the presence of the SOMT University campus, ROC Midden Nederland and MBO Amersfoort, De Hoef is also growing into a learning and campus environment. Functional blending is the keyword here. Van der Meijden is welcoming these developments: “The rise of hybridity is a good thing. It suits the times. And it benefits the area when there’s life going on in the evenings.”

Portret Paul van der MeijdenIn the near future, the square in front of the railway station is set to develop into a genuine Station Square, with pavement cafes and other amenities and all. Van der Meijden is looking forward to it. The very presence of a railway station is a big bonus, he says: “Great for our staff. I’ve had to take on a few new ones, but that’s all in the game when you relocate. But this is an easy problem to solve in Amersfoort: an excellent environment for recruiting new staff.”

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