Applied Medical: operating globally, home in Amersfoort

Even the American CEO is a fan of ‘boulder town’ Amersfoort. Its founder is an American; its innovative medical products go all over the world; and its European head office is in… Amersfoort. This is the location from which Applied Medical has been operating to its full satisfaction since 2006. …

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The geo-industry is flourishing in the Amersfoort region

An interview with Camille van der Harten, Director at GeoBusiness Netherlands. Amersfoort is increasingly profiling itself as geo-city, which may have something to do with the presence of industry association GeoBusiness Netherlands, which settled in the Railway Station Area in late 2015. Its director, Camille van der Harten, and his …

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Amersfoort was the perfect launch pad for Picnic

Online supermarket Picnic is spreading all over the Netherlands at breakneck speed: in 2017 alone, the online supermarket opened a dozen new branches. The company is growing faster than its founder, Michiel Muller, could ever have imagined. A revolution in supermarket shopping? Be that as it may, this is proving …

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