More sectors

Amersfoort hosts a wide variety of organizations ranging from finance to the art sector, from logistics to retail, and a large number of entrepreneurs.

Wide scope

One of the major attractions of Amersfoort is likely to be its corporate diversity. The business services sector has a strong representation. The innovative creative sector is vibrant and joined, with various museums and galleries, to a lively art scene. With its attractive combination of a historical inner city and contemporary centers such as Eem Square, Amersfoort has highly favorable conditions for successful retail. Innovative start-ups feel at home in its dynamic network-driven atmosphere. The market for conferencing and other events is growing thanks to its variety of attractive locations and its central position.

Top location for business events

In the top 10 of most attractive cities for corporate meetings in the Netherlands, Amersfoort ranks fifth. Business travelers particularly value its excellent accessibility, its central location and its supply of original and high-quality business meeting venues. These include attractive industrial heritage sites, such as the Carriage Depot/Rijtuigenloods or the Prodent Factory, stylish historical locations, such as the Mariënhof, informal locations, such as Zandfoort aan de Eem, or contemporary top locations, such as Hart van Holland. There is an abundance of well over 150 outstanding venues.

Companies in this sector in Amersfoort

The business services sector is represented in Amersfoort by companies such as Rabobank, ABN AMRO, TwynstraGudde, Vesting Finance and RAET. The creative sector is represented by architectural firms, photographers, animation and filmmakers, festival organizers, website builders and copywriters, and craft-based businesses, such as woodworkers and steelworkers. Amersfoort’s most prominent museums include Kunsthal KAdE, Mondriaan’s birth house and the National Military Museum. For shopaholics, the city center offers a pleasant array of chain stores and independent shops, attracting huge crowds from the regional vicinity. Well-known start-ups that had their origins in Amersfoort are the Picnic online supermarket, the Tranzer public transport app and On The Rocks, which produces rockbooks made of stonepaper.