Life sciences and health

Amersfoort accommodates a great many businesses operating in life sciences and health. They value the presence of a young, highly qualified, multilingual workforce and the synergy that arises when medical training programs, healthcare institutions and allied companies are concentrated together.

Highly qualified workforce

For the many businesses operating in life sciences and health, Amersfoort is attractive first and foremost because of its young, highly qualified and multilingual workforce. With the city’s general popularity and excellent transport connections, it is also easy to recruit staff from its vicinity. Young though the Meander Medical Center is, this Amersfoort hospital ranks third-best in the Netherlands with an 8.8 score and accommodates a variety of foundations specializing in medical research and information. The diversity of businesses operating in life sciences and health creates exciting networking and knowledge exchange opportunities. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be located at a 35-minute distance from Amersfoort.

Healthcare education

The SOMT University of Physiotherapy in Amersfoort is the only specialized physiotherapy university in the Netherlands. Utrecht University, located nearby, has a Medical School offering degree programs in Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences. Amsterdam has two Medical Schools offering a wide range of life sciences and health-related programs. The close proximity of specialized training programs and research facilities is holding out exciting prospects for research avenues and for recruiting specialized staff.

Companies in this sector in Amersfoort

Amersfoort harbors a wide diversity of companies operating in life sciences and health. Some established names include the following: Johnson & Johnson, Applied Medical (medical devices); Cabot Corporation (known for producing Norit); Ormco (orthodontic appliances and supplies); 3Medical (medical technology products); Cerus Corporation (biomedical products); Hollister (medical products); and Famed (financial healthcare partners). Foundations specializing in medical research and information include the Lung Foundation Netherlands, the Dutch Foundation for Stomach, Liver and Intestine Diseases, the Diabetes Foundation, Alzheimer’s Netherlands and CliniClowns Netherlands.