Diversity in professionalism

Amersfoort is home to a wide range of industries. Some sectors have a particularly strong foothold in this region, making it attractive for related organizations to follow. We also see a lot of energy from small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups.

Amersfoort accommodates a great many businesses operating in life sciences and health, including Johnson & Johnson, 3Medical, Applied Medical and many more. They value the presence of a young, highly qualified, multilingual workforce and the synergy that arises when medical training programs, healthcare institutions and allied companies are concentrated together.

Building is in our blood. Amersfoort is home to a wide range of companies operating in construction, infrastructure and civil engineering. Companies working in these domains are supplementary and undertake major projects all over the world, from Dubai to Amsterdam and from Mount Kilimanjaro to the high-speed railway in Taiwan.

Amersfoort has a strong focus on ICT. It has an excellent optical fiber cable network, and its executives stimulate digital transformation. Hundreds of bigger and smaller ICT companies and countless start-ups provide a wide array of ICT knowledge and applications. Their contacts boost synergy and growth. New and promising technologies, such as geodata and smart mobility, develop rapidly in such an environment.

Apart from these industries, we host a wide variety of organisations ranging from finance to the art sector, from logistics to retail, and a large number of entrepreneurs. The Amersfoort council actively stimulates entrepreneurship and organizes numerous business events. The city has an active conference and events policy, attracting major national and international events. Specialized business networks encourage synergy and business alliances.