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Amersfoort is proud of its business community and plays an active part in it. Our dedicated Business Team supports companies in every aspect of their business interests. They are the link between you, the relevant local council departments and the Amersfoort business community. The Business Team knows exactly what is going on and it is their professional expertise to connect people and businesses.


Your primary point of contact will be Business Manager Joost van Leur. He is supported by a team of specialists who can provide tailor-made information and advice on a wide range of subjects.

Amersfoort Business Team - Joost van Leur

Joost van Leur

Business Manager

+31 6 5546 5706

The Business Team's advisors

Amersfoort Business Team - Caroline Eekhart

Caroline Eekhart

Advisor external relations

+31 6 510 922 46
Camiel Weijzen

Camiel Weijzen


+31 6 5253 5557
Amersfoort Business Team - Han Bruggink

Han Bruggink

Senior Advisor

+ 31 6 5253 5659

Mieke van de Beek


+31 6 5251 3025
Amersfoort Business Team - Hidde Bijl

Hidde Bijl


+ 31 33 469 4214
Amersfoort Business Team - Tom Willebrandts

Tom Willebrandts

Senior advisor

+31 6 5253 5583