Civil engineering

Amersfoort is home to a wide range of companies operating in construction, infrastructure and civil engineering. Companies working in these domains are supplementary and undertake major projects all over the world, from Dubai to Amsterdam.

Think big, act big

Building requires a lot of space, both physically and mentally. The major concentration of businesses operating in construction, infrastructure and civil engineering in Amersfoort is no coincidence. Its central location; its space; its highly qualified population: these are the reasons why leading construction firms have decided to settle in Amersfoort. Combined specialized knowledge sparks valuable collaborations and synergies.

An interesting specialism is the transformation of buildings that have lost their original purpose but are upgraded into something new. The National Center for Heritage Education in Amersfoort is dedicated to high-quality education in this domain.

From the Coen tunnel to Mount Kilimanjaro

The contractors and engineering companies located in Amersfoort operate all over the world. Arcadis, for instance, helped to build the North-South subway line and the second Coen tunnel in Amsterdam, but the company was also instrumental in building the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai and the high-speed railway in Taiwan. Royal HaskoningDHV’s operating range includes Mount Kilimanjaro. VolkerWessels, the second-largest contractor of the Netherlands, takes on projects from Manchester to Mexico.

Companies in this sector in Amersfoort

Major companies located in Amersfoort include: Arcadis (European branch), Royal HaskoningDHV (global head office), VolkerWessels (head office, second largest contractor of the Netherlands), Croonwolter&dros (head office, specialist in infrastructural engineering). There are also a lot of suppliers and smaller engineering firms in and around Amersfoort.