Annual World Institute for Action Learning Global Conference 2018 in Amersfoort

On Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September 2018, the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) presents the 12th WIAL Global Conference. For the first time in history this conference takes place in the Netherlands. The organisation is in the hands of WIAL Netherlands in collaboration with the Action Learning Academy and Business School Netherlands (BSN).

Change goes faster and becomes more complex making companies challenged to collaborate with other companies, schools, governments, etc. In addition, the business processes become more complex, self-management increases and other behaviours are required on the shop floor. That is why colleagues are required to be able to adjust quickly to new situations. People who take ownership, who are able to work on several projects at the same time, and who can deal with change have crucial skills such as being able to collaborate, learn to learn, ask more questions and make fewer judgements.

Action Learning is the key to social innovation and can be experienced at the WIAL conference. It will be wonderful to hear from inspiring speakers who have shaped Action-oriented Learning in their organisations such as; Microsoft, PSV, Bayer, Global Paint, banks and educational institutions, Nyenrode and BSN included.

Do you want to become familiar with Action Learning? Do you want to take Action Learning to the next level? Do you need renewed and updated knowledge as your organisation requires more agility? Or do you apply this learning and change method in your organisation and do you require more in-depth knowledge on Action Learning? Attend this event and experience what Action Learning can do for your organisation and leadership development by connecting learning and performing!

The organisers’ ambition for this conference is to give shape and content to the abstract concept of Action Learning, and to provide participants with practical applications and experiences in the areas of leadership, co-operation and problem solving. For this, no fewer than 16 inspiring keynote speakers, coaches, authors and advisors have been invited. All influential people in Action Learning. Think of: Prof. dr. Michael Marquardt (founder WIAL), Toon Gerbrands (president and director of PSV), Shannon Banks (author and top trainer Google, Microsoft), Marcel Geraeds (conductor, coach & entrepreneur), Richard Bryce MBA (top manager at Bayer) and Lucas Bolsius (Mayor of Amersfoort). Besides plenary sessions and break-away workshops, the programme consists of various activities such as a coaching ‘walkshop’, tai chi or a Meet & Greet with the WIAL board. At all times leadership development, teamwork and organisational results are connected.

Dates and times

Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September 2018 (08:30 to 17:30hrs)


Leerhotel Het Klooster, Daam Fockemalaan 10, 3818 KG AMERSFOORT

Ticket fees

Regular ticket 1 person: EUR 499,-
Colleague ticket 2 persons: EUR 749,-
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Email to: [email protected]


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