Amersfoort in 10 compelling facts

1. Amersfoort has a vibrant economic climate and is the home of leading international and regional headquarters of companies such as RoyalHaskoningDHV, Yokogawa, Applied Medical, RoyalFrieslandCampina and Nutreco.

2. The city hosts a wide variety of industries, including ICT, finance, health, fast moving consumer goods, food and non-profit organizations. Many start-ups and scale-ups have originated and developed in Amersfoort.

Amersfoort - Koppelpoort

3. Amersfoort’s central location in the Netherlands makes it a major public transportation hub and a strategically located crossroads of major highways. It is close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and efficiently connected to all parts of the country, as well as to neighbouring Germany.

4. Amersfoort is situated in the heart of the Utrecht region. According to the European Commission’s regional competitiveness index, this is the most competitive region of mainland Europe. The Utrecht region is especially commended for its infrastructure and innovation.

5. Amersfoort is an expanding city that currently has 156,000 inhabitants and is expected to grow to 180,000 inhabitants by 2030. Approximately 325,000 people live in its immediate economic vicinity.

6. The city has a healthy economy, which is expected to grow by another 10% in the next 5 years.

7. The historical city centre, over 750 year old, offers excellent contemporary services: shopping, lifestyle, entertainment, theatres, museums, bars, restaurants and a lively cultural scene.

8. The Amersfoort Business Districts offers state-of-the-art business facilities, several right next to the city’s modern train station and just a walk away from the historical centre.

9. Amersfoort itself hosts a university of applied sciences and there are four renowned universities within a 50 km radius. Forty-nine per cent of the Amersfoort labour force have academic or higher vocational degrees.

10. Renowned business magazine Elsevier ranked Amersfoort the best Dutch city to live and work in.

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